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Serving the communities of Bobbing Village, Bobbing Hill, Grove Park, Howt Green, Keycol Hill, Key Street, The Meads and surrounding rural areas.

Bobbing Parish Council recently erected their village sign on the 29th July 2010. The original was taken down for refurbishment in March 2008. It was found that the sign was more rotten than previously thought and funding for a new sign was granted from the parish grant scheme at Swale Borough Council. The new sign, which was made by Signs of the Times, depicts Bobbing Church, an oak tree and acorns representing the large oak tree which used to stand at the Quinton Road junction, a Saxon axe which is a familiar object from the Saxon era and this represents the more recent finds at The Meads,  a Key which was on the sign of the pub which stood at Key Street , a windmill which used to stand in Bobbing Hill many years ago and a tractor as the area is essentially agricultural. The sign is made from a resin material and is expected to last for over 25 years.

 Bobbing Parish Council wish to thank all those involved in this project, especially Dean Prudence of DMP Decorators who refurbished the sign post, Graham Herbert, Niall Crawford, Rod Phillips and Rapid Plant Hire who generously donated the use of their ‘cherry picker’.


The Parish Council meets the first Wednesday of every month

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Residents are welcome to come early at 7.10 p.m.  

for a pre-meeting chat and refreshments