Councillors 2017/18

Councillors as at May 2017

Graham Herbert (Chair)

Robert Ball (Vice-Chair)

Rebecca Bartlett

Nikki Clare

Duncan Dewar-Whalley
(& Swale Borough Councillor)

Elizabeth England

Peter England

Larry Major

Gareth Randall

Wards Covered by Parish Councillors

Bobbing: Cllrs. Bartlett, Herbert and Major

The Grove: Cllrs. Ball, Clare, Dewar-Whalley and Randall

The Meads: Cllrs. Elizabeth England and Peter England

Members sit on the following Committees/Organisations:

Planning Portfolio  Cllrs. Ball and Randall
Joint Transportation Board  Cllr. P. England
K.A.L.C.  Cllr. Clare
Village Hall  Cllrs. Herbert and Bartlett